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Recreating the natural rocks has been our main concern from the very beginning of our activities in the industry in 2001. At first, by producing panels that replicated natural rock for various companies, and later on by diversifying the methods we have used to recreate the rocks in order to make them look as close to the natural as possible. We have succeeded in overcoming many challenges and we have completed requests from landscapers, designers or zoos’. In order to manufacture the artificial landscape rocks, we use various techniques - we make glassfiber reinforced concrete panels, we manufacture rocks on-site by moulding the concrete on metal structures and later carve it or we decorate the existing walls with glassfiber reinforced resin panels.

This work looks very realistic, replicating the finest details, patterns and shapes. Being light, the natural rock landscape concrete panels significantly reduce the static charge of buildings, thus providing important savings for foundations and under structures.

Another major benefit is that they need almost no maintenance throughout their entire lifetime. Another great advantage of the concrete panels is that they are fireproof and very environmentally friendly. The easy handling of the panels facilitates the processes of fast mounting inside and outside of the establishments. By using sprayed concrete, we have created various forms of rocks and trees adding architectural value to the space and providing optimal conditions living and development for animals. Most manually carved artificial landscape rocks are produced by air spraying the concrete on a metal frame initially covered with a metal or a polyethylene net. 


After over 30,000 square meters of artificial rocks produced, we can recreate natural rocks by using specialized construction methods that fit the artistic skills of our sculptors and habitats that include rocks, trees, logs, vines, etc. 
This ecologic composite - the glassfiber reinforced concrete - with a low energy consumption and made of natural raw material turns into a large variety of forms and colours, gaining a multitude of friends among designers, architects, engineers and zoo's.

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