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ZOO & Aquarium kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

ZOO & Aquarium

Not only people can enjoy the artificial rocks, but pets also. Extraordinary combination of stone-flowing water, two amazing and memorable features of nature lead to stimulate your priceless friend.…
Themes Parks kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

Themes Parks

There is no better place to enjoy some quality family time than at an amusement park.If you feel your day of fun ended too quickly, you can always spend the night at the park resorts and gear up for…
Aqua Park & Swim Areas kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

AquaParks & Swim Areas

Thus, based on the concept of SPA & Wellness, was developed a real humanistic interdisciplinary field, as a real industry of spa services represented by settlements with specific destination:…
Climbing walls kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

Climbing walls

Climbing walls are the most exciting innovations that have appeared in the sports field and recreational space. We offer a complete design for every project and every requirement, from small interior …
Shotcrete kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

Shotcrete & Figurine

Shotcrete, also called concrete applied by spraying. Shotcrete is a specialmortar, conveyed by compressed air to the nozzle of a spray gun. The wet mixture is then sprayed in place and may be carved…
Interior and outdoor design kunstfelsen - artificial rocks

Outdoor & Interior design

Artificial rocks bring a touch of nature around you, being designed special for gardens and land. Our products are replicas of natural rocks, this thing leading to areas so realistic that it's hard…



Looking for something special?

People have always been fascinated by the aesthetic qualities of stones, rocks and boulders. A trend appeared to involve the use of rocks in places ranging from terraces and gardens to major landscaping design projects. 

"Artificial rocks" is a term commonly used to describe imitation rocks man-made and not by nature.

Why use artificial rocks and not the natural ones?

There are many reasons to use them, than the natural ones. These include increased versatility, availability, ease of placement, transportation, installation, and unlimited options to give them a desired shape. Artificial rock scan reproduce many types of natural stone in any location and any size. Use of artificial rocks is less environmentally destructive than mining, extracting, cutting, transportation and installation of natural stone.

In a world of delays in construction we pride ourselves with finishing on time our customers projects. SANERO team guarantees that it will generate a sense of confidence and stability anytime. We know trust is a deep sense, formed in time and based by facts, but we also know that „water passes, stones remain”.

Artificial rocks / Kunstfelsen

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EAZA members

Starting January 16, 2019, Sanero Kunstfelsen became EAZA members.

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EAZA Annual Conference in Valencia

September 17-21 you can find us at EAZA Annual Conference in Valencia at Bioparc.

EAZA Annual Conference in Valencia

EAS Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

September 17-19 you can find us at EAS Paris Expo Porte de Versailles at booth 1032. We are glad to show you what we have…
EAS Paris Expo Porte de Versailles