Zoos & Aquarium

Not only people can enjoy the artificial rocks, but pets also. Extraordinary combination of stone-flowing water, two amazing and memorable features of nature lead to stimulate your priceless friend. So, if you want a natural habitat for your pet, we have the experience to do that. We have created artificial rocks and faux tree bark made of glassfiber reinforced modified concrete panels for new houses in which we have created a habitat welcoming plants and animals.
This permitted a perfect horizontal and vertical systematization, allowing minimum but well-chosen locations for visitors and a perfect balance between the areas assigned to plants and animals.The design of an animal enclosure is extremely important from many points of view, both for providing appropriate living conditions for animals and for conveying the message the zoo wants to send. Nowadays, the old metal fences have developed into water-filled or dry moats or even artificial landscape rocks. Many zoos use realistic landscapes to make visitors feel as if they were in the middle of the natural environment. Currently, the design of the zoos is changing, i.e. the visitors often walk on tight and bumped pathways, sometimes even stepping on fallen trees, through densely planted wild landscapes, in an attempt to introduce visitors to a simulated natural environment of that animal.
The visitors look through invisible fences to see the animal and they feel as if the animals were in control over the location. This is why we build caves, waterfalls and even a series of tunnels made of artificial landscape rocks along which there is only a glass wall between the visitors and the lions, leopards, tigers and many other large mammals.